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Fee-Based Life Insurance

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FEE-BASED LIFE INSURANCE has no surrender penalties which means that the client is not penalized for over funding his or her policy nor are policyholders penalized for reducing the face amount. Cash values are 100% liquid.

Fee-based life policies are designed to be sold by fee-only or fee-based advisors. Compensation to the advisor will be paid as a fee for the design and implementation, rather than a commission. Fees will vary, depending on the work involved, complexity of the case, and other factors. However, the fee is fully disclosed and is usually much less than the commission on a comparable policy.


When properly incorporated into a financial plan, cash value life insurance provides several key benefits beyond the Income tax free death benefit:

1. Tax Deferred Growth of Policy’s Cash Value

2. Tax Advantaged Withdrawals

• Income tax free policy loans – Cash Value life insurance can be used as collateral on a loan and continue tax deferral

•First In First Out withdrawals of cost basis also available

3. Cash Value of Life Insurance exempted from claims of policyholder’s creditors for policies 100% payable to spouse, children or dependents (Ohio Rev. Code Ann. §§ 2329.66(A)(6)(b), 3911.10)

The number one use of FEE-BASED LIFE INSURANCE is to overfund the policy to take advantage of tax deferred growth and income tax free distributions.


Fee-based life insurance will not compete with term on price but it is the most flexible and consumer oriented life insurance product available when you can drive the discussion beyond price:

• Flexibility to change the terms of the contract – the ability to reduce the death benefit or term of the policy

• The ability to overfund the policy to build emergency funds and view life insurance as an asset class and become part of the fixed portfolio

• As a term alternative it avoids the “term trap” – having your policy expire before your need for it does.

Let us show you how FEE-BASED LIFE INSURANCE would differentiate you from the competition, attract more clients and solidify existing client relations.

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