Agency Development Corporation represents the best life/LTC hybrid solutions available from Lincoln Financial and OneAmerica. Life/LTC solutions do not offer nearly as much design flexibility as traditional LTCi solutions – however we can solve the two greatest objections to a traditional LTC contract:

1. What if I die and never need coverage?
2. What do you mean the premiums are not guaranteed?

These solutions pay a tax-free death benefit when the insured dies – even if living benefits have been fully used, they maintain a residual death benefit.

Both solutions offer contractually guaranteed payment and benefit structures – eliminating concerns about premium inflation risks inherent in traditional LTCi plans.

Better yet – both offer clients the opportunity to ask for their money back. Lincoln offers full ROP any time after the last scheduled premium has been paid (single premium – prorated ROP for first 5 years). OneAmerica offers year 1 ROP for base policy.

These hybrid plans provide fully tax qualified benefits with 2 of 6 ADL qualifications or severe Cognitive Impairment benefit eligibility triggers. They cover care from Home Health Care through facility care and into hospice/respite care. Benefit highlights and a side-by-side comparison are available,  just click here .

Key advantages:

Excellent long term care leverage
Guaranteed tax-advantaged benefits
Compound inflation riders available
Excellent commissions

Note: Hybrid plans do not qualify for state Partnership Programs.