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The Life Plus Advantage of Nautical Term

Competitive Spotlight(For Producers): See how Nautical Term with the Life Plus ADBR stacks up against the competition. Can your term check all the boxes?

The Value of Living Benefits on Term

Life Solutions(Client Approved!): What if term life insurance could provide living benefits in the event of a serious medical condition? Show your clients that with Nautical Term & Life Plus it can!

The Value of Living Benefits: Chronic Illness

Life Solutions(Client Approved!): In the event of a chronic illness, the flexible payment options of Life Plus lets policyholders choose solutions that best meet their unique needs. How could chronic illness benefits help your clients?

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For Producers
Competitive Spotlight


For Clients
Life Solution



On-Demand Webinar


Nautical Term with Life Plus

Length: 14 minutes (Click to play)

Life Plus Accelerated Death Benefit Rider® Series CLR-201 1208 is available on Nautical Term®Renewable and Convertible Term Life, Policy Series CL 83 0405, CL 83 0405 ID, CL 83-U 0405 and CL 83-U 0405 ID. Columbus Life Insurance Company is licensed in the District of Columbia and all states except New York.For financial professional use only.

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